5 ways to keep your hair healthy and luscious at home

As hair@261 is currently closed due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, we asked our senior stylist Mark to share some pearls of wisdom on how you can care for your hair at home, and keep it healthy and strong!

1. What kind of treatments should I be using on my hair at home?

Mark: Only use intensive treatments if your hair is feeling particularly dry - any residue products on the surface of your hair stops the absorption of water moisture, which is what most hair lacks when it’s dry, so if you’re using treatments then make sure they are thoroughly rinsed out. Wella’s Penetraitt Masqueis a great strengthening and repair treatment and Wella’s Hydre Treatmentis best for rehydrating dry and frizzy hair.

2. What shall I be using to keep my blonde hair looking its best?

Mark:For all you blondes out there, purple shampoo is a great substitute for your usual toner.Try Wella’s Blonde Recharge Shampooif you want to reduce brassiness and yellow tones in your blonde. It won’t last as long as an in-salon toner but will certainly tide you over in the meantime.

3. Can I use box dye in the meantime, until I can get to the salon?

Mark:A bad box colour is definitely going to look worse than a few wayward greys! If you’re insistent on this, please make sure you are absolutely certain it is the same colour or you’ve done it successfully before. The same goes for highlights - this is a much more complex skill than it looks and it is done using a safe “pre-lightener” so please don’t go reaching for your regular bathroom bleach because it will end in disaster!

4. What about styling and blow dries whilst at home?

Mark: Give your hair a well-deserved rest! Whilst you’re probably not going out or seeing anyone, give your hair a complete break from products and heat. Leave it for as long as possible between washes to allow your natural oils to heal and nourish your hair naturally. If you are continuing to regularly blowdry or straighten your hair, remember to use a heat protector like Wella’s Trilliant.

5. Should I give my hair a trim whilst staying at home?

Mark: Please please PLEASE don’t cut your own hair. To start with, you can only cut hair properly using professional hairdressing equipment don’t think it’s a smart move to use your kitchen scissors! I guarantee you will be doing more damage to the hair follicle than good by attempting a trim at home. Try not to panic, we’ll be back soon and in the mean time, try to follow the advise above.

If you have any questions about how to care for your hair, hair@261 can help. Send your queries to india@261newkingsroad.comand we’ll give you some advise on your personal hair concerns. We look forward to welcoming you all back in due course and please keep an eye on our website and social media for more information about re-opening.