Autumn Hair Styles for 2019

It’s safe to say we are now into the autumn months. Those bright, warm summer days already seem like a distant memory but luckily one good thing about heading into the winter season is the array of new hair styles and trends that we can’t wait to try at 261! We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites that we have already seen cropping up this season. Which will you be trying? 


1) Headbands

As Blair Wardolf once said in Gossip Girl "nothing's holding me back anymore. I know what I want, and I'm going to get it." And what we want is to steal her vast collection of iconic headbands - brightly coloured, velvet, embellished, classic and vibrant, she had them all. This season has welcomed back this look with open arms is a chic and easy way to transform your hairstyle and put an on-trend twist to your look. 


2) Soft waves 

Romantic soft waves will always look amazing, whatever your hair length or colour. They can complete an overall look whilst still looking effortless and natural. This season we have already had lots of requests for blow-dries styled into stylish soft waves. This look is also great for a day to night transition during the party season.


3) Spicy red tones 

This year’s fashion week saw a host of stunning red-haired models taking over the catwalks. This has since led to a surge in favour of vibrant red tones through to more natural copper shades - certainly some of our favourite colours. This change will certainly ensure you stand out during these bleaker months, bringing that added zest of life back into winter!


4) Natural balayage 

Balayage- the freehand colouring technique that gives a blended natural look. This sun-kissed look is perfect going into the winter months as it brightens up and refreshes your colour without going for a bold overhaul that needs more maintenance. Chat to our stylists about tones that would work best for you!


5) Side fringes 

Jumping into a blunt fringe can be a daunting prospect as it changes your look entirely, and there really is no going back once it’s done. Luckily this autumn the trending style of fringe is slightly less intense - the side fringe. This is a softer, more natural look that doesn’t cover the eyes but sweeps off the face neatly. We love when the fringe is given a slightly textured look - definitely a nice little mix up for this season. 

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