Festival Hair Ideas for this summer

Festival season is officially upon us! As temperatures soar and days are longer there is a lot to look forward to this summer, not least of which the exciting array of festivals taking place across the country! This week sees the gates of Glastonbury open and scores of revellers enter the site for the best few days of frivolity. We couldn’t help but notice a lot of them had their festival hair down to a tee! This brought on a discussion of our favourite festival styles and accessories. We narrowed it down to these top 3 looks and can’t wait to get to work on these!

1) Playful Ponytails 

Up-dos are great for festivals as you can look styled and sassy without having to maintain your tresses, or have them getting in the way as you dance the days and nights away! A simple pony or beachy up-do can be made festival-icious by mixing it up with glitter, braids and waves. Adding braids has the added bonus of providing a chic wavy look once taken out as well - no styling tools required!

 Festival Hair 2019


2) Glitter, Glitter, Glitter 

We firmly believe that you can never have too much glitter at a festival and adding colourful gems and sparkles to your hair is a quick and easy way to immediately look the part! This year we are loving the glitter roots trend - adding loads to your parting that spread out into the hair. We also love using different sizes and colours of glitter, from chinkier flecks to heart shaped ones, keeping the look diverse and fun. Match the glitter colours to your outfits or stand out with multi colours. Any excess glitter that makes its way onto your skin is just an added touch to your look!

Festival Hair 2019

3) Modern Pigtail Buns

This year pigtails are back.. and better! Give this modern twist a try - crossing pigtails with space buns. With space buns the ultimate in staple festival styles we want to take them one step further by styling out the buns to make them look that bit more interesting. This style is great as it won’t budge whilst you run around the festival. Of course we would advise adding lots of glitter to this look, then you are sure to be photo-ready. Now just don’t forget your wellies! 

Pigtail Hair


Let us know which style is your favourite and which festivals you’re off to this summer. Book in with us before you head off and we’ll ensure your hair will turn heads wherever you are headed!