Our top tips for the perfect In-salon blow dry

A perfect blow dry doesn’t happen by chance and we’ve all experienced a blow dry that hasn’t gone how we wanted or simply fell out soon after leaving the salon. Here at 261 we take our blow dries to the next level to ensure that your hair stays blown and beautiful for as long as possible. Here our stylists let you in on the secrets of how we ensure all our blow dries are show stoppers, with their top 5 tips: 


  1. Consultation - This is the first essential step on the way to a breathtaking blow dry. During the friendly chat, your 261 stylist will listen to your vision and discuss different options. We will talk through treatments and what you envision the end result to look like to ensure everyone is on the same page before we begin! 


  1. Product perfection - Each of our clients has different hair types and needs so it is important that the correct backwash and styling products are carefully chosen as part of the blow dry process. These help when trying to create and hold the shape of the hair. 


  1. Create the look - All of our stylists have years of experience and know exactly what tools and techniques will give you your desired look. From big and bouncy to sleek straight looks, or perhaps a summer beachy blow, we’ve got you covered. 


  1. Finishing touches - This is where you can really go wild! Finishing products are always selected in line with your hair texture and blow-dry style. Different hair responds differently to products so it is important to know what is the most suitable. Our stylists will always check that you are happy to have finishing products. We also sell all of our products in the salon, so you can pick up your own to take with you! 


  1. Remember to be kind to your hair! -  Regular treatments and cuts are essential for healthy hair, this also helps when trying to achieve your desired look. We will always advise when is best to pop in and see us next to make sure your hair is healthy and fresh!


To book in your blow dry simply give us a call, pop in or visit our website. Don’t forget to follow us on instagram as well (and tag us in your hair transformation pics!)